Vos cheveux naturels ont-ils une porosité élevée ?

<transcy>Do you have  high porosity hair?</transcy>

Discover 4 reasons why you should know

It is a privilege for us to be able to care fo your hair needs with our product lines, made from organic and natural ingredients.

But we don't want to stop there!

We want to equip you and support you in the care of your hair, whether kinky or curly. For many of us, taking care of our curls or those of our children is not always easy and can be frustrating or painful at times.
This is why, in addition to offering you quality products to treat your hair well, we present a series of videos, articles and other tools to make the maintenance of your hair simple, easy and which gives results.

With this first capsule, which you find below, we are going to address a KEY element to having beautiful, healthy and radiant hair at all times. We are referring to PO-RO-SI-TY! Knowing your porosity will save you time, money and give you radiant hair!

Video 1 : What does it mean to have high porosity? Click here to watch the video

Upcoming Videos:
  • Video 2: The glass of water test to know your porosity, week of July 27
  • Video 3: Low porosity hair, week of August 2

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