About MEYA Beauty Concept

Florise Boyard was born and raised in Montreal and is of Haitian descent. She describes herself as a woman of faith, a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur. Florise embraces life with conviction and passion and encourages those she meets to do the same.

For more than 15 years, Florise has worked as a psychotherapist, consultant and trainer in schools, several organizations and in private practice.

Her natural hair journey began in 2003. Just like most young women of African descent, she dreamed as a young girl of the day that she would permanently trade her curls for chemically relaxed hair and finally feel beautiful and accepted according to (false) beauty standards.

Jaded by these lies, she decided in her 20s to finally do the « Big Chop! » without telling anyone. A wonderful journey began! One full of challenges, self-discovery, transformation and passion.

This adventure led to the creation of MEYA Beauty Concept Inc. Florise always emphasizes that her company is not just about "hair". Indeed, the vision of MEYA Beauty Concept is to transform people's lives so that they move forward with confidence by changing their self-perception, restoring a sense of self-love and the pleasure of taking care of their hair. This vision is accomplished through hair education for kinkies and curlies hair, products made with organic and natural ingredients and personal development workshops.

Florise Boyard consultante soins cheveux bouclés, crépus