Soins  cheveux crépus naturels en hiver

How to optimize your hair routine in winter to maintain your hydrated and radiant curls 24/7

How to properly maintain your natural kinky or curly hair in the winter?

If you are like us, you are always surprised by the first snow and the first cold days that herald the arrival of winter. This is when you think about installing your winter tires, setting up your tempo shelter, taking out your winter wardrobe ... But have you also thought about developing a hair routine to protect your curls and keep them looking radiant during the cold weather?

Winter is now part of our reality and we have to get used to it. One thing is certain, if we want a healthy and happy kinky curly crown we can't improvise this season.

Three key words to remember to optimize your hair routine: 1-Moisturize, 2-Seal and 3-Protect

1- Moisturize

The icy cold and the freezing breezes of winter can be merciless on our faces, hands and also our delicate curls! In addition to temperature drops, we are constantly subjected to hot-cold-hot-cold variations as we move from outdoor winter cold to excessive heat from indoor thermostats. For all these reasons, it is essential to ensure good hydration of our curls. After a deep treatment, many people forget to use a leave-in conditioner specific to their porosity. Just like the lotion you apply to your skin when you get out of the shower, a leave-in conditioning cream or lotion helps moisturize and protect the hair from external aggressions.

2- Seal

That's not all! Since our curls must be moisturized manually, they require additional protection but that is very easy to do. After applying your leave in lotion or cream, you add an oil, a butter or an pomade adapted to your porosity in order to keep your strands moisturized for longer. The sealing agent will form a natural barrier that will prevent the hair from loosing moisture too quickly. When you have the right sealant, a little does go a long way! 

3- Protect

“Protective hairstyles” refers to hairstyles which protect the hair fibers and especially the ends which are the most fragile part of our hair. Good news: the styles possibilities are endless! Twists, cornrows, buns, braids, extensions, wigs, scarves and the list goes on. A big mistake we also see with people wearing protective hairstyles is that they believe they are exempt from having to provide adequate moisture to their hair. Dehydrated and dry hair in a protective hairstyle will end up thinning and breaking in the long run. There is hope however as a few good gestures and this misfortune can be avoided.


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