Soins minimalistes pour nouveau-né

Minimalist haircare for newborns

Whether your baby comes out with a full set of hair or is mostly hairless, here are some tips for a minimalist haircare regimen during the first year of life.

1-Important to keep in mind:

  • Afro-type hair requires specific care.
  • In general, children of African descent are born with thin, fragile hair that tends to be drier.
  • The scalp of babies is very permeable, therefor the quality of the products used is even more important.
  • Usually, it is around the age of two that we discover the density, variety of curls and final color of the hair.

After having considered these characteristics, here are some recommendations for minimalist hair care for your baby.

1- Frequency of washing:

We recommend washing your little one's hair every 7-10 or even 14 days, whichever works best. It is definitely possible to wash them with lukewarm water, gently stroking the scalp and hair. Indeed, water cleanses very well when there are no strongly hair binding or synthetic products such as gel. For example, in a 14 day routine, one could opt for washing with water on day 7 and with shampoo on day 14.

We advise you to use a shampoo made with organic ingredients and without parabens. Avoid harsh shampoos that are drying for the hair. In warmer months, if the baby sweats a lot during the week, you can simply rinse the hair with lukewarm water when bathing.


2- Revitalize and seal in hydration

After washing, use a light oil such as sweet almond, jojoba or olive oil to condition and lock in moisture. It is better to apply a little at a time to avoid over-saturating the hair and clogging the pores of the scalp.


3- Avoid

-Using of products that weigh down the hair: extra rich conditioner, gel, styling cream. The smaller they are, the less you want to put in.

- Manipulating their hair too much. Everything is new and fragile, be patient, there will come a time when you can do all kinds of hairstyles.

- Panicking if the hair does not grow quickly or falls out in certain places. All of this is normal and temporary. Continue to feed and hydrate baby well and nature will take care of the rest.

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