Cheveux crépus, frisés ou bouclés : vidéo porosité moyenne

Kinky or curly hair: medium porosity video

Latest video on porosity of kinky or curly hair

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At Meya, we believe that it all starts with the porosity of your hair ...
Indeed, before making the purchase of hair care, it is an absolute must to know your porosity. It takes less than 5 minutes to find out!

Knowing your porosity allows you to:

  • Finally make- an enlightened choice on THE products to use
  • To stop wasting your money
  • Stop wasting time spent shopping or blindly testing different products
  • Keep your hair healthy and radiant forever

Last video: medium porosity

Our porosity series concludes with the last video which shows medium porosity.

Did you know that medium porosity hair tends to hold styles longer and is compatible with more hair products?

Watch our video to learn how to take care of medium porosity hair and how to choose the right products for this type of porosity.

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