Find MEYA Products in Montreal: Points of Sale and Advice

Are you looking for where to buy MEYA products in Montreal? Discover our points of sale:

- Jean Coutu Pharmacy: Stop at 9210 rue Sherbrooke Est to find your MEYA essentials. A convenient location for those looking for quality hair care.

- VMV Beauté: Come to 2406 Blvd Henri-Bourassa Est for a complete immersion in our range of products. Benefit from expert advice and first-class care with MEYA.

- The ABC of Locs: Lock lovers, join us at 4525 rue St-Denis to explore our specific solutions from specialists in the field.

- Artisans 4/22: This eco-boutique located at 3916 St-Denis offers you a meticulously selected range of our products, perfect for those looking to nourish and revitalize their hair naturally.

To ensure an optimal experience with our products, we recommend that our customers contact these locations before traveling to confirm the availability of MEYA items. Come and discover how our specific solutions with porosity and enriched with natural ingredients can transform your hair routine and promote the health and beauty of your hair.