MEYA pour les peaux irritées?

MEYA for irritated skin?

The development of newborns is simply phenomenal and parents see it in amazement every day. Likewise, growth-related discomforts are part of the set of challenges that await them. To this number, there are skin irritations which are frequent but for which there are fortunately solutions.

As my newborn baby's skin started to show signs of irritation, I decided to add a small amount of our LUXE Pomade for Porous Hair to my regular cream. Why ? : Simply because of the known properties of the organic ingredients that make up this balm. Here are a few:

MORINGA oil has antimicrobial, antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal and anti-aging properties.

SHEA butter has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

CALENDULA oil has moisturizing properties and is known to accelerate healing.

SUNFLOWER oil is rich in vitamin E and has moisturizing properties.

CASTOR Oil is known to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and hydrating properties.

 No wonder this balm helped my baby's skin. Here is my recipe and a bonus tip:


Simple recipe

Add 5 to 10% of Luxe Ointment for High Porosity to your cream.

So if you have 100g of body cream, you can add 5-10g of the ointment. Make sure to heat the ointment slightly to facilitate integration. Once the ointment is warm, mix it with your cream and you're done! 


Extra tips!

1- Starting at age 3 you can add essential oils to the cream. Ho Wood essential oil and Geranium essential oil are recognized for their beneficial effects on the skin. You can add 3 drops of each.

2- To help relieve inflammation, I have also used floral waters known to reduce inflammation such as chamomile floral water, rose floral water, and lavender floral water.

You can mix all three to create a spray or just use just one. I spray a cotton cloth with floral water and then dab the irritated skin area. I then apply the soothing cream I created previously.


Of course, this is not medical advice and I recommend that you seek professional advice if you are concerned about your little one's skin as it adjusts to its environment.


Florise Boyard

Founder and owner of MEYA Beauty Concept

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